Well, Pope Jorge’- We May Actually Get Along Swimmingly!

So, it’s a pretty hot topic on the internet that Pope Francis (The Holiness formerly known as Jorge’) has told his congregation to accept those do-gooder atheists, because they’ll be striding through the pearly gates right along side them.

Please understand, atheists are looking at this in a very tongue-in-cheek manner, as we really, and I can’t stress this enough, don’t believe in a heaven. It’s okay. We don’t need a heaven. We just need to make this one life we have worth it. We just want to see everyone put down their egos and their imaginary friends, their desire to control, their greed, their ignorance- and instead work for the common good of the planet and the vibrant ecosystem it holds. There are enough natural dangers to our existence. The dinosaurs are extinct because of one possible danger. The meteorite that entered our atmosphere over Russia is merely a wake-up call (as the meme goes:  Meteorites are the Universe’s way of asking how our space program is coming along). Humans have done many remarkable things in our brief history on this planet. Humans have also done many stupid things. A number of those stupid things we could correct, but there are still too many people who put things in “God’s hands”. This is a step in the right direction, if in fact you’re all for catastrophe (and sadly, the Book of Revelations is all about catastrophe- correct me in the comments if I’m wrong, but all religions have something similar to Revelations).

Jorge’, I am moved by your words. It may be another turning point in human history that I can be proud of. I realize what you say won’t reach Fundamentalists, Born-agains, or moderate “Holier-than-thous”. It won’t reach other religions. It won’t reach the flavor of politician that uses religion to fulfill an agenda. It won’t reach people who love to hate.

But it will reach some people. Thank you for that.


The Sinister Atheist

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